The Future of Graffiti

The most important/well-known technology-based graffiti website is Graffiti Research Lab. There are some sweeeet videos there.

Electro-Graf: Uses confuctive spraypaint and magnet paint to embed LEDs (Video here)

LED Throwies (also see people tagging up Amsterdam trains with throwies!)

Night Writer: Throwie tags up high!

GIF Theater: LED screens to project moving animations

L.A.S.E.R.: Projection Graffiti (this is my personal fave! the description: “In its simplest form the Laser Tag system is a camera and laptop setup, tracking a green laser point across the face of a building and generating graphics based on the laser’s position which then get projected back onto the building with a high power projector.” And for you techy/CS people who wanna try it out, here’s the “how to and source code.”… also check out the”El Corte Inglés” video at GRL, and this projection over Machu Picchu!)

Pixel Graph: make pixel-font tags, stencils, art, etc.

PixelRoller: rollers as printers for digital image

Light Brix: touch-sensitive lights

Applied Autonomy’s “Little Brother”: robot propaganda pamphleteer (also check out “Graffitiwriter” and “Streetwriter”)

Bikes Against Bush: printing chalk messages sent from users on street during RNC

Video Game: Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (featuring voice of Talib Kweli, released in 2005)

And more fun indoors (your personal digital graffiti wall, fake spraycan and all)

Graffiti Creator: Make graffiti tags digitally (thanks to Reese for the link!)

…and there are plenty of non-technology based “street art” interventions, like guerilla gardening!

Or reverse graffiti (“tagging” by cleaning city grime off public spaces, see here too)


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