Latin America


1) look at Banksy and Blek le Rat websites and/or articles,

2) email me (or bring in a written blurb) your final topic proposal! If you’re gonna write a paper, just say on whom/what movement/what city/etc. If you’re gonna do a creative project, tell me what kind. (In either case, please use any/all of the links on this blog for inspiration. You can also google, flickr, or fotolog. Or email me/talk to me after class!)

3) email me (or bring in a list) of materials you would like for your in-class creative project. if there are leftover materials, you may borrow/use them for your final project (to be presented Week 10). THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET.

Now onto the more fun stuff…

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Please ask me for recommendations! My favorites are probably Grolou (French man who, until a couple months ago, lived and worked in San Telmo, Buenos Aires), Jaz (incredible fine artist working on the streets), and Cabaiostncl (formerly one half of the collective Vomito Attackk–spanish for “throw-up”). There are plenty of others to watch for, though. Check out SMNR or just ask me!

Oh, and here’s the ppt from today’s lecture on the history of graffiti/street art in BsAs.

Spotlight: Os Gemeos (Sao Paolo, Brasil)

os gemeos-2

os gemeos-3 lithuania

os gemeos-4

os gemeos-6

In the above photo, notice the Sao Paolo pichação reference/influence. Here’s a photo of what “ordinary” pichação looks like:

sao paolo pichação

And back to Os Gemeos…

os gemeos-5 london tate modern

os gemeos-6

os gemeos-1

os gemeos-7 nyc

Here’s an ArtCrimes interview with them

Also, fun fact: In Sao Paolo, beginning in the 2000s, authorities actually asked some graffiti artists to paint murals on the train! Here’s one photo:


PLEASE do more googling of the Sao Paolo scene on your own–it is so cool!

Here’s a decent video about Brazilian graff/street art, though it’s kind of long (14 mins) and the subtitles are in white, so they can be hard to read.

Here’s one more artist I like: Zezão







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